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This Northern Gal has moved!

If you want to keep up with my adventures, head over to and take a look at the swanky new site. I’m also on facebook, twitter and instagram as ‘thisnortherngal’ if you’re as social media obsessed as I am.

thisnortherngal has movedIt was a pretty scary move to make but I couldn’t be happier with the new site.

I’ll see you there!

Kelly x


Are you ready 2015?

Because I am. I’m ready for fresh starts and new opportunities. 2014 was delightfully (and annoyingly) challenging. This time last year, I told myself that it was time for new things and I spent 2014 testing the limits of my comfort zone. I tried new foods, travelled up and down the country and pushed myself more than I ever thought I could. I spent a week in London interning for a magazine, I attended my first blogger events and joined the committees of some of my favourite societies. It was a good year.

But it was also the year that I lost friends, questioned my decisions and spent a lot of time run down and upset.

So 2015 is all about BALANCE.

are you ready 2015Of pushing when I need to and relinquishing control when the world has picked my path for me. It’s about learning to say no, to say yes and to say not just no. It’s the year of letting opportunities excite but not overwhelm me. 2015 will be the year of meeting new people and cherishing time with those who have already won my heart. It will be the year of putting one foot in front of another when times are tough but accepting the helping hand when it is offered.

I’m not sure what 2015 will bring for me but I’m ready for it, I really am.

Kelly x


Today I can finally share some VERY exciting news with you guys and I couldn’t be happier about it. Amongst late night emails and technical frustrations, the hardest part of my new venture has been keeping my mouth shut so I have the world’s largest grin now that I can tell you about The Click.


Jodie and I have been working hard to create a site that embodies the brilliant community on this crazy old thing called the internet. The Click will be a place to learn and connect with other women who are carving out a place for themselves in this new, exciting and completely bewildering business. Whether you are a blogger, business owner or freelance, we hope you will be inspired by the content you will find on the site. And after having a sneak peek at the posts already in drafts, I have a very good feeling about it!

We’ll be kicking things off on the 13th January and I would love to see you there. If you really can’t wait, you can already find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Only one question remains: will you #jointheclick ?

Kelly x

Christmas Box Swap.

I recently took part in Clare’s  Christmas Box Swap and was thrilled with my gifts. The premise is simple: you partner up with a fellow blogger to exchange Christmas gifts. I was lucky enough to be partnered with Rachael, who spoilt me rotten.

Christmas Box SwapWe’d set a budget of £15 for each of our Christmas boxes so I was very suprised with how much she gave me.

Christmas Box SwapSomething tells me she would be a formidable shopping companion!

CHristmas Box SwapInside was even more exciting. Not only had Rachael provided everything I needed for some serious pampering, but she also gave me some delicious chocolate (which barely lasted long enough for these pictures to be taken). I’m also a lover of dystopian fiction so the book was a perfect choice!

The cute polka dot notebook has come in seriously handy for doing some blog planning (and keeping track of some exciting projects). It really was the perfect box and I did wonder if Rachael and I had met before since it was so spot on.

Christmas Box SwapMy favourite gift had to be the beautiful Essie nail varnish though. I’ve recently fallen in love with the brand (better late than never I guess!) after receiving one from Coloristiq so this was the perfect colour to start a collection with. It was my Christmas nail varnish but I’m sure that it will grace my nails many a time in 2015.

Now all I can do is hope that Rachael loved her box just as much as I did! I can’t thank her enough for such a beautiful festive surprise and am so grateful that Clare took the time to organise such a lovely event. I can’t wait for next year’s!

Kelly x

Family Festivities.

We had family in town over the festive period and Christmas is all about spending time with loved ones (and pigs in blankets), so I switched off for a few days. My phone was rarely checked, this little bog took a couple of days off and R&R was at the top of my to do list. I even read books simply because they looked like fun. It was heaven.

Family festivities

I kept my camera on me and managed to gather a couple of snaps from my Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

family festivities

Unfortunately, I had to work on Christmas Eve which, though not the greatest news to hear, did end up being a lot of fun. I brought out my Christmas Jumper for the day and did my best to bring a little festive cheer.

Festive FamiliesI ate too much, slept a little late and barely wore makeup.  After the stress of December exams, it felt so good to only focus on family for a little while. And I’m definitely not going to complain about the beautiful feast we were offered on Christmas Day. I ate my body weight in pigs in blankets and macarons that day, let me tell you.

family festivitiesJust what the doctor ordered.

How was your Christmas?

Kelly x

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