Remember me?

Some of you may have found your way here from my old blog – if so, howdy! Some of you may have merely stumbled upon this and been overcome by curiosity. If you did, I’ll apologise now. My life, for all it’s dramas, is not that exciting. I’m weirdly tall, yes, but that mainly leads to me falling over – a lot – and slightly unusual blog names. What I can promise is that you’ll hear all about the life of an ordinary, if slightly nerdy, teenager. Welcome to my world.

For those of you don’t need an introduction, I’ve been saying for quite a while now that I wanted to make  some changes to my blog but I’ve really struggled to work out how to do that as it was getting far too technical. So, on the recommendation of what I  hope to be a reliable source, I’ve moved. Because it is a blank slate, this site will be a bit of a work in process until I manage to get it how I want so I will apologise for that now.

Now that the introductions are out of the way, it’s time to tell you all that you’ve missed out on. My last post was on Mother’s Day (I think!) and since then I have been buuuuuusy. Today was the first day back at college since the Easter holidays, which, for me at least, have been a working holidays. As you may know I work in the cutest little shop on a Saturday and sometimes for a few hours when I’m not at college. Between being there and getting through the mountain of work we were set, my lie ins have been pretty minimal, which probably explains why I’m ready for another holiday already. Well, that and the mock psychology paper we had to do first lesson back. There is of course always more I could have done but, if I’m honest, I’m glad I didn’t. I did what I had to do and, luckily, got to spend sometime with my head out of a book.

I refused to do any work at all for the first weekend because one of my best friends came home from Scotland where she has been hiding out for a while.  It’s quite rare that we get to see her nowadays because train tickets are so expensive and we’re all busy so we tried to make the most of it. While she was here, we decided to take a trip to the beach which seems to be becoming quite the tradition for us. And yes, we did go in the sea. And yes, it was freezing. But wrapped up in blankets and with hot fish and chips to try and defrost us certainly seemed to entertain passerbys and quite frankly, I had an amazing day, even if it was horrible to have to say goodbye to her at the station. Luckily, we’re already discussing visiting her in summer.

When I was off work, I also made sure to catch up with  Sam who seems to have dropped off the radar lately. We decided to go to Durham after an evening watching movies and eating more cupcakes than we probably should have. Of course, when we realised we were on the bridge which  is a favoured proposal spot in the city we simply had to have a ‘couple’ picture. After that, it was a spot of shopping before heading home (I don’t think my bank could have taken any more!)

Tomorrow is my momma’s birthday and lucky her gets to take me to St Andrews for a look around the university. Don’t worry, I’ve bought her a good present to make up for it! Last week, we were having a look at Glasgow and I have to say, I’m really impressed with the Scottish university system which involves a four year course with more flexibility than a typical English degree. But, my mind is far from made up! Right now, I’m just looking around and trying to make the decision easier next year when I’m sure I’ll be stressed enough without having to weigh up every university that looks like it may be a viable option.

Right now, I’m going to leave you because  I have a fascinating article to get through on Enduring Love and an early morning to get ready for.

Keep in touch,

Kelly x


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