Adult Life

Hello again, 

Life has been kind of crazy lately as I’ve been running around trying to sort out various things for college and next year. Earlier this week, my mum and I were on the 8am train to St Andrews, where we were looking at the university. The week before I was in Glasgow and from what I have seen, I prefer the Scottish universities from the English, simply because it allows for more flexibility. This is ideal for me as I’ve always said I want to do a joint degree – which seems to be pretty rare here – and have been struggling to narrow down the subjects I will be taking. 

I have to say though I was really impressed with St Andrews itself – it is so beautiful! I’d love to go back there again, even if I don’t go to the university. When we stayed, we were in a lovely bed and breakfast owned by a really helpful couple and who made really lush breakfast! If anyone is ever looking for somewhere to stay in the area, I would recommend Cleveden House

ImageThe harbour.

While I’m on the subject, I really do have to say a massive thanks to my mum for being dragged to Scotland on her birthday! With any luck, she didn’t find it too boring. Then again, I don’t think boring is really the word to describe getting stuck on the beach in a hail storm. Cold maybe. 

Last night, I went to my first ever rugby. Admittedly, I didn’t understand much more than the very basics of the game but I thought it was amazing. Compared to the couple of football games I have been dragged to previously, it was so exciting! Even though the team we were supporting lost (and might get relegated), I would love to go and watch another match some time soon. 

ImageNewcastle Falcons

This weekend proves to be equally busy. I’ve already been up for a couple of hours trying to redraft my English literature coursework. Again. Not the most exciting of things. I think I might be going out with some friends tomorrow  because, scarily, it is my birthday next week. Normally, I would be counting down the days in a stupor of excitement but this year it is just scary! As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been researching universities, my exams are next month and as of Tuesday, I can learn to drive! How scary is that?!

Kelly x 

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