‘L’ Plates

It’s official, I have to grow up soon. As of last Tuesday, I am 17 and far too close to adulthood for my liking. Not only have I been manically studying for my a- levels (eek!) and researching universities, I am now officially old enough to learn to drive. Before everyone panics and stays away from the roads, I’m not going to start taking lessons until my exams are over and things have quieted down enough for me to be able to concentrate.

I didn’t do much to celebrate, going out with a few friends for a meal because, while I was busy doing a hundred and one other things, I forgot to even consider trying to sort something out! In swooped, the world’s greatest friends who quickly put together a lush day. My one criticism is the amount of cake they got me! There is no way anybody could get through that much, although we gave it a shot! Luckily, a lot of it was eaten by the various visitors who called in.

On the weekend, I split my time between one of my friend’s birthday party and spending time with my grandparents, who had come to visit. It was lovely to get to see them again and because it was a flying visit, I’m hoping to go and see them in Luton when college has settled down!

We spent the day in Durham, which, as you have probably gathered by now, I LOVE. Surprisingly, I didn’t do much shopping (though I did get to wear my new birthday dress which is lush) and instead we took a walk through the city and by the river, calling into a pub for a Sunday dinner in the evening.


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