On the other side of a street I knew


Exams are FINALLY over and my social life has been revived. Especially towards the end, I really lost my motivation for my exams and it was a really hard forcing myself to sit down and work. I haven’t really stopped for long enough to write this until today though as my friends and I have been making the most of the free time we have before the A2 courses start next week. On Tuesday I did my last exam (Psychology) so on Wednesday we had a bbq which was, to say the least, interesting as the guys decided they were going to be in charge….Exactly. No food poisoning though so they have to be given some credit.

Over the bank holiday weekend, we went to Evolution, a music festival in Newcastle! We were a bit late heading there and only went for one day (and to one stage) so saw Miles Kane, Maximo Park and Dizzee Rascal. I’d never really listened to them before but they were AMAZING live! I might be making some purchases on itunes soon. I think if I had to choose I’d say Dizzee was the best and I definitely have the  bruises to prove it. I have to admit I was so tired; I don’t think I could have coped with going on the Monday as well, even if the line up looked pretty good.

That didn’t mean I had time to rest however because as soon as we got back from the metro centre  the next day ( yes I did a little shopping!) we were on party planning mode for the Jubilee street party on the Tuesday. We’d spent a fair amount of time making decorations already in order to tie in our two themes of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and of course, the Jubilee but we still had to clean up the lane and set up the gazebo, which proved trickier than we thought. Not only did we have to cart it through the streets of Darlington, gathering some funny looks on the way, assembling it took a few hours and a couple of mistaken attempts before we managed to get it right. I’m so glad we managed to rope in some of our friends to help because there is no way April and I would have been able to do it by ourselves. They also proved invaluable when it came to setting up on the day and carting tables and chairs to the party on the morning. However despite the mad rush of baking, decorating and generally running around that we did it was a lush day and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

I am now so worn out that I won’t be doing a lot though. Apart from going to work to try and address the damage the last few days has done to my bank accounts, my time will be spent doing housework, reading and catching up on all the little things I’ve missed in the last few months.

Until later,

Kelly x

P.S Those who follow me on Instagram or twitter will probably have already seen some of these photos! 🙂

P.P.S The title from this post comes from my one of my favourite songs at the minute: ‘Drive By’ by Train 


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