Feeling Scottish

Now would be the ideal time to surprise you all with my immense knowledge of scottish slang, but truth be told, I’m still working on that. Last night, the girls in my apartment (who are lovely!) were trying to help translate and teaching me enough so I don’t have to ask what every other word means!

For those of you that don’t know, I’m in St Andrews all week for a summer school. Yesterday we started lectures – I’m doing English and history – and as nerdy as it sounds, I’m loving it. In English we’re doing a new text everyday so it’s pretty interesting. Today is only the second day but yesterday was Lewis Carroll and today is going to be Conrad’s ‘Heart of Darkness’, which could be erm good? I read the book during the car journey here and I wasn’t overly impressed. Oh well, I guess I’ll find out soon enough! History is split, doing classics for the last two days. Yesterday we were able to look at primary sources and I loved it!! I can’t wait! It was so good looking at original texts about stuff I’ve studied in college – I could’ve read Fox’s book of martyrs all day!

Beyond that we haven’t had much free time, apart from a couple of hours in the evening, as we’ve been doing positive psychology conferences and team building activities, which, shock horror, I actually enjoyed! Who knew?!

I haven’t had a chance to snap any photos yet but I did grab a couple when we arrived on Saturday so I’ll post them below. How pretty is it?! I just wish it would stop raining!

Kelly x

P.S so proud of everyone at Polam for their amaaaazing production of ‘west side story’ – I’m officially a convert! You guys were ridiculously good; I only wish I could’ve been there yesterday for the final night 😦






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