Eat, pray, love


I have a whole lot of love for this book. The whole time I was reading it, I had my little pencil in hand annotating it and circling bits I loved. Sad I know but I couldn’t help it. This book is so frank, so unashamed to deal with more than just the standard emotions of a romance novel , that I think it may became a regular on my reading list. Not that it can necessarily be classed as just a romance novel; it’s a mix of everything you find in life, darting from religious ephinany to heartbreak in a matter of pages. Wow indeed. That is some amazing literature Gilbert has produced.

I have a confession though. A confession that will have bookworms all over the world cringing: I watched the film first. I know, I’m sorry. The film was a birthday present, a feel good movie best watched with ice cream. And then I saw the book. And I thought yeah, why not? Some chick flick reading. Perfect for some post exams frivolity. But no Eat, Pray, Love is chick flick with some of my philosophy course woven within it yet still ‘easy reading’. It was, quite literally, just what I needed after the hard slog of scholars that I’ve been trawling through (and just before I try and work through some books on the fall of the roman empire, one of which is translated from German and rather old -lucky me).

For those of you that don’t know, this novel is the year long journey Elizabeth Gilbert goes on following a bitter divorce. 4 months in Italy (eat). 4 months in India (pray). 4 months in Indonesia (love). Lush. And so beautifully written you may just find yourself wanting to head there yourself… Speaking of, I’m off to research Bali…

Kelly x



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