Alice in wonderland

Another book review; can you tell I’ve had some free time recently?! I’ve been pretty pathetic the last couple of days thanks to end of term lethargy and illness which means my evenings are spent with a blanket, book and some chocolate. I could definitely get used to this if I could just get back to feeling healthy! This kind of not feeling right but not quite being able to put your finger on exactly what is the most painful/ annoying is not fun. Oh well, I plan to cure it, whatever it is, with sleep as I do at the end of every term. It’s a foolproof plan.

Now back to the book. I read excerpts of Alice in wonderland in my drama lessons so when I found out it was one of the texts I would be studying at St. Andrews I was pleased. I had, at least, heard of this one! And then, to my shock, I really enjoyed it. It became a bit of a guilty pleasure. I think it helped that the copy I got out of my local library included illustrations for children. The nonsense texts and general frivolity didn’t annoy me as much as it did when I tried to read it a couple of years ago ( I didn’t get far that time!). This time, it was fun. I know I’m not quite old enough to say this, but it made me feel like a little kid again!

So there you have it. Wonderland is the cure for headaches and feeling sick. To be administered every evening with a blanket and hot drink of your choice. 🙂


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