You don’t know until you try…

Sometimes you don’t know how you truly feel about something until you experience it first hand. I think that’s definitely today’s lesson, in true there’s-a-moral-to-every-story style.

For those of you that don’t know, I have been travelling around Britain looking at various universities to try and make the big and scary decision about where – and what- I want to study when I leave college. Today I went to York with Sammy to see what I thought about a university a bit closer to home. From looking through the website and prospectus, I thought it might be a viable option but , unfortunately, I don’t think it’s for me. As much as I loved the sound of being there, walking around the campus and seeing how secluded it is made me realise I would like to study somewhere where the town/city is not completely separate from the university. This does not by any means mean that I don’t think York is not a great university its just not somewhere I can see myself at. However, if anyone is looking for a university where everything they need is on campus, I would definitely recommend taking a look at it.

It wasn’t a wasted day by any means though! Because it was only an open afternoon, it gave us plenty of time for some sightseeing and shopping. If you’ve never been, York is full of windy, hidden side streets where the cutest little shops can be found but it also has a great selection of brand names. Cue me grabbing some bargains for summer and a belated birthday present! ( and planning another trip for when I have a bit more money but ssssh!)


Because our train home wasn’t until the evening, we decided to have a wander around and stumbled upon a cafe selling bubble tea – yep I’d never heard of it either! But, in keeping with our adventurous spirit (we were slightly lost…), we decided to try some. It was absolutely lush, though Sam didn’t seem to sure about the ‘bubbles’!

I managed to snap a few pics as we made our way through the city – its such a beautiful place!

The river.

One of the old buildings.

Possibly the coolest takeaway cup

Now it’s time to think about packing.
Which basically means I’ll stare at my wardrobe in confusion before deciding to sort it tomorrow. Like I did yesterday.

Kelly x


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