Let’s call this our summer tour 2012…

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My, my. I do seem to spend a lot of time in Scotland at the moment don’t I? Another flying visit to a country I can’t help but find beautiful every time I visit. I know it sounds silly with England and Scotland being so close, but things are completely different north of the border. Things are so much more… relaxed. And I’m certainly not going to complain about that.

Because we also had an adorable five year old (with so much energy) to look after, a lot of our time was spent gossiping and catching up over far too many cups of tea and biscuits and watching Disney movies – which I at least enjoyed far more than I should admit. A rare bit of sunshine meant we enjoyed an impromptu picnic on of our days there. Think a few lazy hours with tea, ice cream and books and that was our afternoon. Perfect.

After a very late night and early morning, we found ourselves in Edinburgh on our last day. We headed to the Elephant House for breakfast. It is a lush little café (where JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter) that we were desperate to visit again this year. In fact, we went twice before we left – that good! It is definitely somewhere I would recommend, and, surprisingly for a city, really well priced. And, if you’re as much as of a Harry Potter nerd as me, you can leave a message to JK Rowling in the toilets. The rest of the day was spent wandering through Edinburgh, doing a spot of shopping and fending off leaflets from the Edinburgh Fringe as we didn’t want to cut if fine and miss our train in the evening. We had hoped to visit the university but the combination of a member of staff who clearly wasn’t very bothered and most things being closed because of the festival, we grabbed a prospectus and took a well-earned rest in a coffee shop. Little sleep + heavy bags + lots of walking + injuries = the need to drag dinner out for a few hours just so we could sit down.

Needless to say, since then my time has been spent sleeping, reading and doing my best to repair the damage done to my bank account…oops! Oh and waiting for our stupid internet to work again….


Kelly x

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