Why I love Sundays

Five quick reasons Sunday may just be my favourite day…

1. Lie ins.

This one doesn’t really need an explanation does it?

2. I get things done

When mum is out for a run and dad’s studying, I generally have time for a super productive few hours. I normally blitz my work for college but today I got through some of the little chores I’ve put off. Not the most glamorous reason maybe but it does mean I can start the week with a new ‘to do list’ (even if one or two things get carried over )

3. Phone calls.

I don’t get to see my grandparents very often so it’s always really nice to hear from them on the weekend. It’s especially great hearing from my grandparents in Florida since we’re heading over there at the start of next month and are starting to plan what we’ll be doing when we’re out there. I slept through today’s conversation with my grandparents in Luton  (oops!) but luckily for me they tend to call during the week as well when I’m a bit more awake!

4. I can be lazy

No make up. My pyjamas. A good book. I’m terribly anti-social on a Sunday so I don’t have to worry about trying to look presentable or even leaving the house if I feel like being a hermit, which I tend to do.

5. I finally see my folks.

We’re barely all in the house at once during the week any more so one of the best things about Sundays is that I get to spend some time with my parents. Today, I dragged them out fruit picking. I can remember visiting many summers ago so begged them to take me again and I LOVED it. We came away with a punnet of fresh strawberries, raspberries (and some apricot coloured ones – I’d never heard of them either!) and plenty of broad beans. It was then time for some quick cookery lessons from the mother, finishing just in time for the ending of the Olympics, which I’m strangely sad about. I didn’t think I’d be that bothered about the Olympics but I was cheering with the best of them for Tom Daley and Mo Farah! Have any of you been watching?

Kelly x

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