You can breathe again guys. I passed all my as exams! Which means that I am actually allowed to do the next year. I would say I’m relieved but I dont think that quite does the yay-I-dont-have-to-find-a-new-identity-abroad feeling justice. At the very least, I can (finally) sleep properly again.

My head of sixth form/ ethics teacher said that although my grades were good he was worried I would be disappointed ( he must think I’m a perfectionist or something) because my ethics was my lowest grade but I was soooo happy to have even passed that one! I don’t know what happened but on the day I got a bit panicked and didn’t do my timings as well as I could have but, unfortunately, that is sometimes how it goes. And luckily enough I still got a result I can be proud of!

Now it’s all about catching up on the thousands of books I’ve accumulated and getting through my holiday homework which had become a lot easier (and more exciting) since my parents surprised me with an iPad!


I think I might be the luckiest – and most grateful – daughter right about now! 😀

Kelly x

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