First Impressions.

I dragged the momma back to Scotland at the start of the week for another open day. This will probably be the last one. I think I might have – shock horror- kind of made my decisions about university. As scary as the sound of that is, it feels good to have a rough game plan in mind.  I’m the first to admit it, I can get a little ocd about these things. I love to-do lists, I keep post it notes by my bed just in case and just generally feel better when I know what I’m doing.

Enough about that. It’s time to talk Aberdeen. After a five hour train journey, we arrived in the city and as per, wandered a little off track. I think my first words were “It’s grey”. We found ourselves by some giant concrete buildings ( I think they may have been car parks) and it was raining. Of course. Now I don’t mind a bit of rain –  in fact it makes me strangely happy – but this was crazy. Heavy rain, strong winds, skirts. It was a disaster. My poor umbrella didn’t make it unfortunately. On the plus side, I had to do a bit of shopping to account for the weather…. Needs must, I suppose! I don’t think mum was too impressed originally and I have to admit, I was a little wary but looking around the campus my thoughts on the university definitely became a little more positive. On the Monday night, there was an event for prospective students. I was a little bit scared I’d end up loitering in the corner before bowing out early but I actually really enjoyed myself. Maybe there is hope for the socially reclusive yet.

Make shift party outfit thanks to some last minute shopping

By the second day, the weather seemed to have taken a turn for the better and we got to appreciate just how pretty it is in Aberdeen. There was even a BBQ and ice cream stand during the open day that we took full advantage of. It was a lot busier than I think either of us were expecting but I was impressed by what was on offer at the university and how helpful staff were about questions. It helped that the campus was pretty lush as well. I think it is somewhere I could see myself being for four years.


Aberdeen University

Aberdeen University

The view from the library – seven stories of nerdy heaven

We had a couple of hours spare before our train home so we took a wander round the city before our tired feet and sleep deprived minds forced us into a coffee shop. However before then I was pleased to note that the city looked a lot more attractive when the skies were blue. 🙂


Perhaps we should put more faith into second impressions after all…


Kelly  x

P.S if anyone was interested in Aberdeen university, you can find out more here

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