Welcoming September

If you read this post, you will have realised just how antisocial and lazy I can be on a Sunday. Sometimes I don’t even get out of my pyjamas…

That wasn’t really an option last weekend as I ended up dashing around doing errands all day before heading to a friend’s house for a get together to mourn the end of summer. I desperately had to buy some new shoes – I realised I couldn’t live in flip-flops for the rest of my life  – so headed to Newcastle for some shopping. I always find it quite weird going to Newcastle because you always see loads of tourists and to me it’s just the place half an hour away…The good thing about the city, well any city really, is there is so much going on. There was some sort of global market going on which meant I got to eat a mahoosive ice cream and listen to music while I spent more money than I probably should have. It is easy to forget the niggling guilt when a really good band is playing. I’m guessing that’s why they always have music on in stores. They sure are sneaky eh?

Since my dad hates shopping with a passion, we stopped for a lunch at the amazing Cafe Royale. I had what was quite possibly THE best steak sandwich. Ever.


Seriously if you are ever in the area, go in and try it, even if it is just for coffee and cake. You will not regret it.

My Sunday evening was a bit more relaxed. Some friends and I gathered outside for a home cooked meal and toasted marshmallows to say goodbye to summer before we were forced back into responsibility and homework. It was almost a perfect night. Like so close, and then, clumsy as always, I managed to get a hot marshmallow to the face and I’m now sporting a beautiful burn on my forehead. I literally think I might be the least rock and roll person ever. I broke my nose face planting a train window and burnt my face with a sweet; I don’t want to know what will happen next.

Surely even I can’t cause any damage at college and with textbooks? Nope I got a paper cut on my ankle today….


Kelly x


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