I’m home.

Even though I had a lush time in Florida, it got pretty tiring at the end so right now being in my own bed and enjoying a decent cup of tea mean the world. Today has been pretty lazy. After a lie in (past my alarm – I’m not sure what happened there) I unofficially headed into college to wish a very good friend a happy birthday and hear everything I missed. I always find this bit reaaaally weird. I guess you don’t think the world keeps turning when you cross to the other side of it.

Anyway, why was my journey so tiring? For starters I can’t sleep on planes and had a swollen lip that made it hard to sleep the night before I left so I was never going to be fresh faced when I stepped of that plane. Zombie mode was inevitable. But then add storms, plane delays, sprinting through an airport not to miss a connecting flight that actually ends up delayed as well and you’ve got a long day. Add a six hour drive back to Darlington onto the end of that and you’ll understand why I slept so well last night.

You haven’t actually heard much about my time in florida but I decided to do something a little differently this time. I thought I’d do a series of things to do/eat/see in Florida that you might not here about at the travel agents. Because my grandparents live out there, we get to try some things that are a little bit different. And you know me, I’m a considerate person and I’m going to show all of you some of the hidden gems that little corner of America offers… It might just take me some time to process them all so bear with me. You’ll thank me in the end.

Kelly x

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