THINGS TO EAT: As the locals do

I have a lot of love for American food. It’s that kind of super rich luxurious (most of the time) food that you know you shouldn’t really have but still give in to every now and then. But EVERY SINGLE DAY. A cupcake the size of my head? Yes please. The problem is finding it. There are plenty of mediocre or touristy places you can go into and have an ok meal it. But you’re on holiday, you don’t want ok. You want o-m-g-can-i-marry-this-burger-please. Which is where this might just help.


I’ve told you about my love for Cherry Pocket many times before so won’t launch into another mega promotion for it. I’ll keep it short and sweet. This place is insane. This is the third year in a row I’ve been and I still love it just as much. If the opportunity to visit arises, take it! Or I will angrily lecture you on your stupidity.

More recently, I discovered Schack’s Bar-b-q Grill . It is one of those places I would’ve walked straight past without so much as a glance if I hadn’t been with someone who recommended. It’s not a flashy place but it does serve the greatest ribs and barbeque baked beans I have ever tasted. And I don’t even normally like ribs. These are just too good to turn down.


The focus is on the food but the staff are sooo friendly it is great. They are brilliant at recommending the best way to order things, letting you know the latest deals and warning you about just how hot the hot sauce is. And trust me, you really should listen to what they have to say. That hot sauce is not for the faint of heart. All in all, it’s a lovely relaxed meal out with real good food and genuinely nice staff – what more could you want? Just make sure you wear something loose. If you leave still hungry, you probably have a tapeworm.

I would have loved to have shared some photos with you guys but unfortunately I don’t have the willpower to pause long enough to snap some pictures when such delicious food is put in front of me. I guess you will just have to try it for yourselves… 😉

Kelly x


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