THINGS TO SEE: Old Town Kissimmee

I have a bit of a secret love for all things vintage. Red lips, rollers, amazing cars. When ever I see anything old-fashioned, I gawp, rather unattractively, in admiration. So I was so excited when my parents told me were headed to Old Town Kissimmee for a car rally. Admittedly it took me a minute to clock on as to what it was (I wasn’t quite as enthusiastic when I thought I was just going to watch some cars be driven around) and apparently I went when I was younger, though I can’t remember it.

 When I got there, I was amazed. I’m not normally a car person but I find old-fashioned ones so interesting. They are so much more attractive than all these new fancy ones. I could put up a thousand and one of these pictures but I’ll keep it to this one since I think it might just be my favourite. And besides, it matched my dress which is you know totally cool in a completely nerdy way.

Before the rally actually started, we had the chance to wander around some of the shops where I could have quite happily have spent every penny I owned. Luckily for my bank account, I didn’t bring my purse as I didn’t think there would be that much for me to buy. I had a couple of notes in my pocket so managed to grab some great crystal necklaces as a present for my friends and my folks bought me some old school glasses, which I love. Even if I feel like a fraud because they don’t have prescription lenses in them.

Even if cars aren’t really your thing, it is totally worth going for the carnival vibe of the event. There’s live music acts (including a fantastic improvised drumming group), loads of people milling around, some in amazing vintage get up, and its right next to some fairground rides, if you’re feeling adventurous. It’s free to attend (although I think there may be a parking fee) and is a great way to spend a relaxed evening, doing something a bit different.

And besides, who wouldn’t want views like this?!

Kelly x

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