Also known as the end to any savings I might have had.

Last night, April and I headed down to a local shop for their autumn preview and I seriously fell in love with everything I saw. If you’ve never been to Ruby’s or maybe just walked past it, stick your head through the door. You won’t be disappointed. I’d never really paid it much attention before either but was won over by the lush stock! The staff are lovely and so helpful, even helping April and I pick out some beautiful dresses to try on.



And then I found this gem. It is absolutely stunning and I would have taken it with me right then and there if I could have. Unfortunately, I can’t quite justify it seeing as how I have nowhere to wear it just yet. A dress as beautiful as this deserves an event and since the best I can do at the moment is taking it on a tour of work, it might have to wait a little while longer.

Look at it – who could resist that?! It might just have to come home with me soon, alongside some amazing real leather handbags and a seriously cute ring I had my eye on. A shop this great could really cause some damage to my bank balance!

So if any of you are in Darlington, pop in and talk to the staff there. Not only do they have great stock, they really know their stuff and could fix that gap in your wardrobe made for something special.

Kelly x


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