Sorrento 2012

You know a place is beautiful when you can admit that in the rain. I think I am one of the few people who genuinely likes it to rain (weird I know) but even I had to admit it was a bit of a drag for it to rain every single day we were in Italy. It was a flying visit as it was but it made traipsing through some truly stunning towns hard to appreciate. Especially if, like me, you hadn’t really accounted for anything other than sunshine while packing. Oopsie.


Other than that, the one complaint I would have is that everything was a bit packed in. Ideally, I would love to head back and few everything at a more leisurely pace. When you go anywhere with a big group of people, it’s inevitable that you don’t get to see everything you wanted to and so we tended to get rushed around.

It was still a great week however and I was lucky enough to see Pompeii and Herculaneum (which, as a true history nerd, I was so excited about), Capri and Vesuvius. We also went to some obscure sulphur place which was far too geographical and technical for my liking. If you understand it, please explain it! To me, it just smelled funny but apparently it is a really interesting phenomenon.

The best part of the whole trip had to be the visit to the Amalfi Coast, where we had to drive along this crazily high and twisty road with amazing high cliffs to one side and the clearest horizon I have seen to the other. We then got some free time to explore Amalfi itself, which was lush. We even took a quick dip in the ocean, because we are crazy like that. It was warmer than I was expecting actually so there are no complaints from me.

On the plus side, all these mountains and volcanoes I hiked up might have helped with all that pizza 😉

Until later,

Kelly x



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