Meticulous planning

ImageEveryone has that one friend who is impossible to buy for. It’s Sam’s birthday soon and she is one of those people. But, never to be deterred, we were determined to pull off something good. And then inspiration in the form of these three amazing men arrived. We have a secret weaknesses for musicals in our group and Sam might just be the worst for it so this was ideal! 

I’m not sure how many shows they have left on their tour but I would seriously suggest going to see if you have the opportunity. It’s a very relaxed concert basically, full of all the greatest songs on West End and some renditions of other hits. But man, can these guys sing. I’m not sure if it is because the intimate nature of the Sage but I was so impressed! Sam didn’t know we were going so it took a lot of makeshift excuses (and a blindfold) to get her there but it was worth it! It does feel good not to have to avoid her eyes and mumble something that probably doesn’t make that much sense every time I see her though 



And because we are the best friends ever, we even barged our way to the stage door to meet the cast. And coerce them into wishing Sam a happy birthday, which judging by her grin for the rest of the night, she appreciated. 

Kelly x



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