Feeling a little bit festive

IMG_2854[1]I am so ready for Christmas. It’s officially the last week of college after a pretty stressful couple of weeks. I am literally counting down the days until I can avoid that place like the plague. Three weeks of antisocialness seems like the perfect remedy right now. Most of my presents have been bought, some are wrapped, my Christmas cards are written – Mum even made mince pies at the weekend! To make it even better, the weather is all adorable and frosty, with the slightest chance of snow. I cannot wait!

IMG_2840[1]I’ve been seriously busy with birthday parties and Christmas celebrations for the last couple of weeks. I don’t think I’ve spent more than two evenings in a row at home for a whole  month. It’s exhausting. As fun as it is, I just want to sleep until Christmas morning. I’ve had four eighteenths, a carol service, the Winter Ball and a grotto I had to attend. As an elf. Yep. I was a six-foot  joyful Christmas elf. You can’t say I’m not dedicated. I didn’t actually managed to get any photos of that as I was to busy supervising six-year olds with glitter glue but I can share a couple with you.


If nothing else, everything seems a little bit nicer when you are greeted with tinsel the second you get home. My friend was down from Edinburgh for a flying visit so she was able to partake in a little Schweizer family tradition. We ended over to Croft, as we usually do, to pick up a tree that is probably a little too big, as we usually do. Apart from a minor power cut at the shop which led to us scrambling through every pocket for the exact change, things were going according to plan. But then we got to putting the lights on the tree. The lights. They were disastrous. I didn’t realise just how easy it was to get tangled up in fairy lights and I was getting rather stressed. And then I spotted something so adorable I had to laugh. My poor friend was so short she was having to stand on the armchair to reach the same height as me! It was SO cute! I had to stop and snap a pic, even though she will probably kill me for sharing it.


Seriously, how cute?! Every time I look at my tree I can’t help but smile. Little reminders like this are great because I rarely get to see her. Even if she doesn’t seem to be able to edit photos on Instagram judging by the icons at the bottom of this image…Then again, I haven’t been able to get rid of them so I can’t really say too much!

Just out of curiosity, am I the only one obsessed with Instagram? I absolutely love it, as you can tell by just how regularly I use it. If you follow me, you’ll already know that I guess! If not, come and find me! I’m sure there will be loads of Christmas photos on their soon!


Kelly x


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