Last weekend, my parents and I headed to London for my dad’s birthday. It was just before I went back to college so seemed a great way to wave goodbye to the comparative freedom of the holidays. Even though my train was delayed and I had to rush to the train station, it was a great weekend.

We pretty much straight from the station to the theatre to see ‘Stomp’, which is absolutely, completely, ridiculously fantastic. They were at the Olympics and are one of the cleverest shows I have ever seen. I have to admit that before we went to see them, I just thought it was going to be a very long piece of drumming that would drag on for ever but I loved it! They did this amazing piece with old fashioned lighters – who even thinks of that?! I won’t reveal too many spoilers because it is one of those shows you need to see!

The rest of the weekend was lovely and leisurely. More often than not, you end up racing around huge cities and you miss so many lovely details that are tucked away down a side street or over an arch. We found this beautiful place for breakfast called ‘Bill’s’ where I had the French toast – lush! And it had fruit on it so was, you know, healthy…ish.

We even got the chance to call into southbank book market. For those of you who haven’t been, it is literary heaven. Hundreds of second hand books… I could spend hours there. But maybe that’s just my true nerdiness coming out.

Even though it was for my dad’s birthday, I did manage to bat my eyelashes enough for us to visit topshop, one of the few places to stock a semi decent tall range. I spent far too much money (and happily could have spent more) and my godparents bought me the most beautiful hat ever, for which I’m so grateful.




Thank you for a lovely weekend London! Happy birthday daddy… I love you

But, for now, I’m stuck revising… Oh wuthering heights, why are you so complex?

Love Kelly x

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