This might be a bit of a higgledy-piggedly post I’m afraid. I spent last weekend running around like a gloriously happy headless chicken. Busy is good, even if it makes it a bit difficult to take a lot of pictures or form a coherent post.

I had my first driving lesson last weekend and I was absolutely petrified. The idea of me behind a wheel is terrifying but I have to praise my driving instructor. He didn’t look at all panicked  – the man must have nerves of steel. Obviously I didn’t take any pictures of that but I did snap a few on the taster lessons I made mum take me on before the real thing. True to form, I wore something totally practical.

IMG_3240IMG_3241I did remember to wear something a bit more suitable for my actual lesson and for those of you that don’t believe me, I have proof I wore jeans. It’s a bit of a rare occurence but I promise it does happen every now and then.
Straight after my lesson, mum and I raced down to Liverpool to see my Nana, who was back in England for a couple of days. Because we so rarely see her, I have no issues with dropping everything to meet her. It was only for a day but it was truly lovely. We had a nice relaxed day and I found the cutest little coffee shop in Neston. For the life of me, I can’t remember it’s name but it was adorable. The baristas in there can make one hell of a cup of coffee. I’ve tried many a cappucino in my time and this was ranked very highly.

Oh and one last thing, I dyed my hair. I was in town and decided then and there that it was time for a change. It is a lot darker than I expected and its had a couple of mixed reviews, but I LOVE it.

Kelly x

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