Just fourty long days left…


Yep, it’s Lent all over again. Fourty torturous days that I always promise never to put myself ever again. Last year, I gave up meat and that was…difficult. Actually, it was nigh on impossible. I’m not a vegetarian and being able to smell delicious bacon or roast lamb really tests your will power, trust me. This year, I have a feeling it’s going to be even more difficult.

I’ve given up chocolate.

It might seem easier than cutting out all meat but I’m highly skeptical. On the whole, I’m fairly restrained on how much chocolate I eat but I absolutely love it. It seems to solve everything. Stressful day? Tea and chocolate. Upset? Tea and chocolate. Night with the girls? Whack out the chocolate. The worst part is that you don’t realise how much chocolate you consume without realising. I can’t even have it on my cappucino!

It’s only the first day and I can already feel the temptation brewing. I got home from college to find a hot chocolate ready and waiting on the table – do you know how hard it was to leave that?! But, I love a challenge. Why else would I keep putting myself through this?!

Wish me luck,

Kelly xx


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