‘Kitty Killer’

I’m afraid to say that my to do list is building up once again. I’ve been trying to sort out my university applications and there are so many forms that I’m sure are needlessly complicated. What happened to just ticking boxes? I miss those days! But I’ve finally gotten round to typing up a post I’ve been meaning to so I’ll hide that long list for a while shall I? Ignorance is bliss right?!

It was April’s birthday recently which meant that I’ve been running around like a headless chicken trying to sort out presents and birthday surprises. With a LOT of help from friends, we were able to throw together a last minute tea party at college the day before her actual birthday.


Isn’t she a cutie?


We went away for the weekend of her birthday and stayed in the most adorable little hotel in Saltburn. We were in a stunning hotel room with what may just be the most comfortable bed. Ever.


But regardless of whether we wanted to we couldn’t spend the entire weekend in bed. So we pulled out our gladrags and adopted our 1950’s aliases for a murder mystery night. I even got to wear my favourite glasses which is always the sign of a good night in my books.
I may have been completely useless at taking pictures of the actual night but I can promise you it was a lush night.It might not have gone entirely to plan – those clues are harder than they look – but it was certainly entertaining. I was Kitty Killer, a glamorous journalist from 1957 with a fair few secrets tucked away which turned out to be so much fun when I kept getting my lines wrong and forgetting what I was and was not allowed to say.

The next day we wrapped up and headed out onto a really windy beach. I was even dragged onto the pier which was TERRIFYING. But even that couldn’t spoil a lovely weekend spent with good friends,(too much) good food and the beach, which we all know is my favourite place to be!

So I guess all that is left to say is happy birthday April – I hope 18 treats you well!
Kelly x


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