SAM_1836My exams finally finished on Monday. I raced home, via a Tapas bar with Sangria, in order to pack as I was flying to Spain the next morning. Even though it was a painfully early morning, I was excited to spend four days doing not a lot. And that’s exactly what we did, 4 days, 5 books and a fair few cocktails. Absolute perfection.

The holiday was so refreshingingly laidback and relaxing that I don’t have that many photos or reviews to share with you but I can say that it was just what I needed after a less than stellar couple of months. However, I can wholeheartedly recommend the hotel we stayed in. The resort itself was lovely and everyone was so helpful. Admittedly, I think i may have gotten bored if I’d stayed for much longer but that is more likely I reflection on my attention span than anything else!

Kelly xx

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