Saying goodbye


Since I got back from Spain, things have been fairly hectic. I feel as if I’ve had a month’s worth of a social life in a few days. I’m not complaining and really have enjoyed being able to see my friends but my poor bedroom was a state by this morning. I’ve barely spent any time in there other than to rummage for a dress so it was terrible.

In particular, I had two leavers balls this week. Mine was held at Walworth Castle while Sam’s was at Middleton Lodge. They were both pretty amazing nights though I ended up pretty tired out. Especially at the beginning of the course, I really didn’t get on well with my antibiotics meaning I had to bow out of both events a little earlier than planned. And, to my dad’s amusement, I had to wear flip flops (the only things I could wear) with my ball gown. I partied on regardless and had to deal with the very weird end of term goodbyes. It’s meant to be a really emotional farewell but I know I’ll see most of them over the course of the summer so I wasn’t too fussed.

Saying that, I have a farewell philosophy meal in abut an hour and I reckon I may get a little bit more emotional at that – wish me luck!

Kelly x

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