Day 4// the Fourth of July

This summer has been really weird for me (I know it’s just begun but still). For the first time in a canny few years, I’m not spending any of my summer in Florida. If you’ve been following this for a while you will be well acquainted with just how much I love my second home across the pond.


Try as I might I couldn’t find the photos from the amazing Fourth of July I spent in Haines City and since I’ve been at work all day, we will both have to rely on our imaginations and some of these slightly nostalgic photos from my more recent trips to America.


For now, I’m off to wish au Revoir to another friend who is enjoying an exciting summer. Becky’s in Africa and as of this weekend, Fi will be in India. I’m not remotely jealous. At all. Even just a little bit.

Guess I’ll have to do with looking through old holiday photos.

Have a great Fourth of July,
Kelly x


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