Day 10// Nature ( and a catch up)

I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you guys. Combine a busy calendar, lots of days behind the counter and an illness that left me pathetically lethargic and I haven’t exactly been left with time to keep you up to date.

But I was back at work on Wednesday and was watching Sam on that evening so I packed my bag chock-full of cough sweets and faced the world. Or as my dear old mamma would say, zipped up my man suit.


I’m so glad I did. The very act of wearing real clothes and some make up made me feel a lot more human. Plus Sam was sooooo good it was such a great evening. It was Polam Hall’s ‘A night at the musicals’ and everyone who took part really does deserve a massive round of applause. It must have taken a lot of hard work and dedication to pull off a concertina front of such. High quality ( and professionalism to deal with the minor technical hitch and last minute cast changes – well handled!)

It was especially important that we went to this one as it was Sam’s last event before she left Polam. I’m sure there were a lot of tears backstage afterwards.

Ignoring how good the actual performance was, the best part of the night was definitely winning the raffle. Who knew you could get so excited about free stuff? I’m pretty sure there was at least one squeal of excitement.

For now though I’m going to have to love you and leave and find out my cupcake dress for tomorrow. That’s right, ‘cupcake Kelly’ as I have apparently been dubbed is returning tomorrow. If you’re in the area and fancy mocking me/buying a cake, please do!
Kelly x

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