France Part 1 – ST MALO

As you might have gathered (not least from this post), I’ve just got back from two blissful weeks in France with my friends.
On our first morning, we arrived very early at a slightly deserted St Malo, the nearest city to the cottage we rented. It has this fabulous old-fashioned feel and is full of winding streets and hidden gems that we couldn’t help stopping to gawk at. Typical tourists. We didn’t see it in its full glory until we returned a few days later. On an evening, it’s amazing. Live music, street artists and a pirate. Yup. A pirate, roaming the streets, as you do.
We even found a pretty amazing restaurant/ creperie called ‘The Unicorn’. It was fully decorated in pink (which I la-la-loved) and was brilliantly quirky! Our burgers came in savoury pancakes rather than bread!
We might have taken a visit to a nightclub as well but it seems French people have a slightly different definition. You don’t dance but step side to side in time with the music and to put it politely, the crowd were slightly older than we normally see. In fact, we much preferred the Irish bar we visited once or twice!

I’ll be back soon enough with my thoughts (and plenty of photos) of some of the other notable places we visited.

Kelly x


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