France part 2 – DOL DE BRETAGNE

One of my favourite places that we visited was Dol de Bretagne, which was one of the cutest towns around! It had a fabulously curious mix of souvenir and more traditionally ‘French’ shops and I’m not just saying that because I wasn’t entirely sure about what all the signs meant. The bakeries and patisseries made for a really good browse. We made sure to stop off for a crepe or two because you know sometimes you just have to.


There’s a truly impressive cathedral that we stopped to have a look at. I even tried to translate some of the notices and history of its origins with little luck. I really need to brush up on my French before I return I think. Because we’re quite nerdy, we even took the time to go into one of the museum which was all about the ‘secrets’ of the cathedral. Luckily that was in English.

The town was full of coffee shops (with wifi – hallelujah) where I indulged with a cappuccino which was absolutely lush. We found a cute little art show to look around and though I didn’t get any pictures (far too many judging looks if I so much as removed my camera from my bag), I can promise you it was so interesting.

It was nice to spend such a relaxed day shopping and wandering around!
Kelly x


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