France Part 3: MONT ST MICHEL





I tend to avoid the more touristy destinations when I’m travelling. I think to really get a feel for a place you have to be up for being a little more adventurous and ditch the maps and guidebooks. I’ve made some of my favourite memories just wandering through a new city and seeing what happens even if there end up being a few awkward language barriers to contend with.

Happily, Mont St Michel is one of the few exceptions to the rule. Even though it is jampacked with people I still found myself gobsmacked at the beauty of it all. It was one of those places where you never knew what was round the next corner whether that was a gorgeous little church tucked away or an art gallery. It is honestly somewhere I would love return to and just walk around with my camera and notebook being a tourist. But I fear my words can never do it justice so I’ll treat you to a few pictures (And trust me I have soooooo many more on my laptop).







This is the last of my posts about France and though I could’ve bored you for days about cheese and flowers and plans to buy a little cottage where I could spend my days writing (complete with a thousand and one photos), I restrained myself and limited it to three of my favourite places that I would wholeheartedly recommend! I hope you’ve enjoyed them!
Kelly x


2 thoughts on “France Part 3: MONT ST MICHEL

  1. Whilst beautiful, I found this place to be far too touristy. Loads of coaches arrived with tourists and with the island so small there is no escaping from them! Didn’t regret seeing it though. Would have loved spending a night here so I can have the place all to myself!


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