A day at the beach

A little insight to a family trip out. I like to think we are well practised at this by now.

photo (15)

Choose somewhere ridiculously pretty. We decided on Robin Hood’s Bay.

photo (16)
As you walk down to the beach, take the time to gawp open mouthed and take plenty of pictures to post on Instagram later. This part is completely and utterly essential. If you’re one of those weirdos who have yet to realise just how ridiculously addictive this site is, showing them to friends manually will do at a push.

photo (17)
Forget to check the tide times and realise the beach is a lot smaller than you hoped.

photo (13)
Join all the other families on the tiny expanse of beach that is left and manage to cross its length in approximately thirty seconds. Then decide that you don’t care about nearly being bowled over by a dog half your size because the view is distracting enough.

photo (18)
This step is both necessary and self-explanatory.

photo (14)
Deliberately drive the long way home as its more scenic with regular breaks to scout out possible photography locations. Stop off at a real old country pub to scarf down a good old fashioned meal quicker than you can photograph.

Repeat as necessary as soon as you get stressed or have a spare day .

Dr Kelly x


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