A new chapter

For as long as I can remember I’ve lived in the same little house with my parents. I know there has been other house but they weren’t home. And now suddenly, I live a few hundred miles away from my parents and had to fit my entire life into a van, which transformed into a space far tinier than I thought. I blame the sheer amount of books I packed. I’m not going to lie, packing got very messy. If you’re a neat freak turn away now…



But after a blur of suitcases and boxes, I have officially moved into my new accommodation. I’m so glad of how it turned out. Packing photos, posters etc really helped I think. It made the space feel a lot more well me and gave me something to do rather than staring blankly at the standard walls/carpet/bed/wardrobe student rooms seem to consist of. There a lot more flowers and polka dots now.



And now my parents have left, everything is unpacked and I’ve talked to like three whole strangers (be proud; it took a lot of effort and blushing) and this is the blog of a university student. Obviously, things are going to be quite busy over the next couple of weeks as I decide which societies give the best freebies but all that means is that I will have plenty to tell you in the next post!

Until then,
Kelly x


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