Freshers 2013

This may just have been the busiest week of my life. Not only has there been events every night, but I’ve been signing up to everything under the soon and attending welcome receptions pretty much every day. I think St Andrews has one of the longest Freshers weeks at about nine days but it has meant there has been a great range of events on throughout the week. There’s been DJ sets, comedy nights and Clan Warfare which brings out everyone’s super competitive side as they scream and shout at one another in a battle of the halls. We were informed of our rivals right from the start and I have to say, my loyalty is embarrassingly high when you consider the fact that I’ve only been here for a week…
2013-09-15 16.10.20



It’s also been the 600th anniversary celebrations which has meant that Sam and I have been able to get full use of our really rather expensive gowns. Putting it on was paired with this strange realisation that I am actually a real university student now. We also got to see some very impressive people, admittedly on a screen but ya know, seeing the guy who invented the internet, Jane Goodall and Hilary Clinton is pretty impressive.
20130913_172147 (1)




And just to top it all off, my university is beautiful. Seriously, just take a look at these…SAM_2310







Kelly x

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