Kilts and Celebrities

It’s been another hectic couple of weeks here in St Andrews. Somehow, we’ve managed to do something every night which means that not only am I struggling to shift the dreaded fresher’s flu, I’ve also begun to experience the delightful phenomenon of student destitution a lot earlier than expected. But I am having so much fun, I really can’t complain. From the looks of things, the next week might see the end of the hundreds of society meet and greets and so I might a) sleep and b) get caught up on the work I’m already procrastinating about.



Last week’s post was going to be about Fernie Castle, the first formal ball for the year. It was a lovely opportunity to mix not only with current John Burnet students, but also those who have moved into private accommodation. The committee put so much effort into making the event so lovely!





This weekend was the Dunhill Golf Championship so it was the perfect excuse for some celebrity hunting with my academic family. The nondescript figure in the cream trousers in these photos is Hugh Grant. Like an actual real life celebrity was right in front of us, separated only by those pesky barriers that were everywhere.

Today, I have to do some writing for a music blog that I signed up for in my move to get super involved and actually attempt to write regularly so I will bid you adieu. Sorry for a completely incoherent post!

Kelly x


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