A delayed Sunday post

I’m late on my weekly post! I know, I am terribly disloyal to you lot but I do have an excuse: I do actually need to sleep and as I mentioned here Sam and I had guests last weekend and it led to a hectic few days. It was all very last minute so there were no firm plans but I think we all enjoyed spending time together. Obviously, it’s been a while since we all saw each other because we are all spread across Scottish universities but we were horribly shocked to realise that we had somehow let an entire year pass since we saw Hildy.





A disproportionate amount of time was spent at the Union or gossiping in our room so I’m afraid I can’t really tell you a terribly exciting story of how we gave them the grand historic tour of St Andrews but hey, we have only been here for six weeks. I might have clued up on that by the time my parents arrive next month. I have to say, it really made it explicit that I actually live in a pretty amazing place now that I’m playing host.

Unfortunately, it did mean that I’ve been playing catch up on my work so that I could see them last weekend and then celebrate my academic brother’s 18th this weekend. What happened to studying being unnecessary in first year?!

Kelly x

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