I figure after whining about the weather for so long, it is time for a happy post in this little section of the internet. And nothing makes me happier than cupcakes.

Hey, this is the girl who didn’t need too much persuasion to become ‘Cupcake Kelly’ at work, complete with matching dress.
If you’ve been to St Andrew’s, you will probably have heard of Bibi’s. It’s a pretty big deal. Not only is it completely and utterly fabulous, but we have two of them so you can relax knowing that you are probably close enough to make a detour to pick up a cupcake.
Trust me they’re worth it.

That’s probably why the shop itself seemed like the perfect place for a quick snack when we were in town the other day. We had just taken our (academic) brother shopping – apparently boys aren’t that good at it – and were desperately in need of something sweet before we headed to our lecture. Bibi’s definitely provided that.

The shop is understandably smaller than the cafe and doesn’t have the same range of stock but what they do have is definitely good. I chose a Rocky Road cupcake and Sam a Smarties one and I would personally say it was one of the best cakes I have had in a long time. Some cupcakes can be a bit on the heavy side but considering the amount of chocolate frosting I devoured, this wasn’t too sickly at all.

I have a feeling I could be spending a lot of time here over the next four years.

Kelly x


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