Costumes from my closet…

Not only did I not have a costume for Halloween, I had two events, neither of which I could really get out of. So I did the only thing I could viably do that wasn’t crying in despair and dug through my wardrobe. I think it is pretty apparent that I have a fairly extensive collection of clothes which is how I just about managed to piece together two very simple disguises.

Adding a feathered mask bought in the afternoon of Halloween, I went back to my ballet roots to be ‘Black Swan’:

And a leather skirt and majorly backcombed hair helped me channel my inner Amy Winehouse/ rock chick (my hair is the wrong colour unfortunately):
photo 3

I think special attention really needs to be paid to the most spectacular of my extensive tattoos, which was hand drawn by my friend’s cousin. Sometimes, I really wish I could draw…2013-11-01 13.34.23

But what would Halloween (or any good night out) be without posing with your friends?! And hey, Erin does this class as a decent photo of the two of us?
photo 4


Now for the boring bits.
See you when I finally emerge from these papers,
Kelly x

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