This weekend I finally got to see my parents after a forever apart. (Three months but I’ve been majorly missing them the last week or two so that can be counted as a forever. And yes that is a technical, English student term). Since they were only here for the one night, it was pretty chilled but it was exactly what I needed. If you have been lucky enough to avoid my stressed out self in the last week or so, you might not know that it is major deadline season over here in john Burnet so there are a lot of students inhabiting the library in the early hours of the morning.

Being able to pretend my work did not exist and show my parents around my town and Dundee was lovely. Of course, Sam was with us weekend, just like she would be if we were in Darlington so the four of us spent a lot of time in our favourite pubs catching up on everything that we have missed in the last three months or so.

Of course, it is never nice to say goodbye but it has been slightly eased by the fact that I have finally booked my train home which means the countdown has officially begun! 37 days!

I guess I should probably start Christmas shopping.

Kelly x

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