THINGS TO DO: Edinburgh Christmas Market


On Saturday, Shanda and I decided we needed to get out of the Bubble and do some real shopping. It was a surprisingly quiet weekend in St Andrews so we hopped on the bus and decided to check out the Christmas markets Edinburgh had to offer. I think (correct me if I’m wrong mum) that I may have been before when I was little but that didn’t diminish my excitement at all. I mean I like Christmas, I like markets, I wasn’t exactly going to say no.


We started at the German market, where we indulged in some hot chestnuts and bratwurst and started looking for presents. Early, I know, but December is lining up to be very busy with exams and going home and the like so I’m trying to get on top of things now. Optimistic maybe but it certainly makes things a little more Christmassy.

Obviously, I have to be careful what to say as both of the people reading this are included in my present buying mission (hey mum and dad) but that doesn’t mean I can’t share some photos of just how beautiful Edinburgh looks on a chilly November day…SAM_2704




We also took the time to pop into Jenner’s which had the most amazing Christmas tree I think I have ever seen – just look at it!SAM_2714


I think this is what I am going to aim for next year. When it comes to Christmas trees, they should be obsessively over the top and as twinkly as possible. Be warned future housemates.

After a day of overeating and hot toddies, we hauled our many bags and empty purses back to St Andrews. We soon decided that a night out was no longer on the cards and reveled in our new purchases instead. Oh the joys of shopping!

If you are in the area (or not), pop along to Edinburgh to pick up some decorations, some cutesy gifts and a mug of Hot Apple Strudel (trust me on this one) and get yourself ready for Christmas. Reindeer mittens and Christmas jumpers are optional but highly recommended if you want to look as obsessed with festivity as we did. Plus they are really, really cosy and that is a necessity for Scotland.

Kelly x


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