Feeling like a local

It seems there is a new contender for my favourite pub up here in chilly Scotland. We seem to keep returning to a select few places when the urge for a pint strikes but the other night we decided to break the habit and try somewhere new. Shanda had reported on the new Brewpub and the sneak preview she had made us very excited about the newest place in town. 

It did not disappoint. Unable to get a seat near the bar or big log fires, we headed up to the beer hall. This is filled with long wooden benches that instantly reminded the nerd in me of Thor and the Nordic mythology I was so obsessed with when I was younger. Our group took up one of the largest ones and merrily stayed there for the rest of the evening.
Admittedly, I’m really not an ale person but Sam and Shanda are so I somehow seem to hear a lot about the merits of blonde or dark ales and some other jargon I tend to ignore. From the exclamations of appraisal they were making, I think these ales might have been particularly special. 

I chose to have a cider and I can whole-heartedly tell you that it was amazing. Not too heavy or sweet, but in true Goldilocks style, it was just right for a drink with friends. 

I had grand plans to take loads of photos but my eenie weenie camera paled in comparison to Shanda’s so I may have to let you down on that front (and then on stealing images from Shanda, who I have designated as official-photo-taker-for-all-time). Especially since this mix-matched hilarity is the closet thing to a group photo we managed:


Not that that stopped me from trying. After lots of terrible shots, I just about managed to take one or two non-blurry photos with Shanda’s camera and discovered that I think I prefer being on the other side of the lens. Like father, like daughter eh?

More importantly, it also gave me a chance to perfect my photographer face.


What else do I need to know about photography?! 


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