In the midst of getting ready for a last minute trip home for some R&R, I suddenly recalled a certain event I have been meaning to blog about for about a week now but had been gathering dust on my to-do list.
On St Andrews day, I dragged out one of the more glamorous items from my wardrobe and headed to the 600th Anniversary Ball with some friends. That weekend was our last hurrah before we settled into exams and essays and all those scary things I apparently have to deal with now. We were celebrating Sam’s birthday on the Sunday with April (who came for the weekend for the event),I had the ball on the Saturday and everyone needed to let their hair down.


We were greeted with free champagne and cupcakes, which may just be two of my favourite things ever, especially when it is not my pennies that purchased them (^ cue excited face ^). It was the first of a number of surprises the committee had organised for us and definitely scored them some brownie points in my books.

Throughout the course of the night, they made sure we were taken care of with what may just be the poshest porta-loos, free samples from sponsors and amazing live music well into the early hours of the morning.


My friends and I spent the night dancing away until our heel-clad feet could take no more when we bagged ourselves a table and a good old fashioned catch up instead. Ball gowns and heels may be fun but after a night in an impressively decorated marquee, sweats were the object of our wardrobe lust.

My one complaint was that it was a bit chilly since the event was outside in a Scottish winter but once I resided myself to wearing my blazer all night, I coped. I won’t let a little bit of cold keep me from enjoying a truly amazing ball.

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