Blogging counts as a legitimate study break right? Tomorrow is my last exam and I honestly can’t wait for it all to be over now. Because after that it is officially Christmas and I can celebrate. As I avoid my firmly closed file, I couldn’t help but look through my photos from my weekend at home which is making me very excited for trees and baubles and embarrassing cracker jokes (my guilty pleasure). 

ImageEven though my recent sights have been limited to the other side of the library, back in the north east decorations are out in full force. Mum and I spent the day in Newcastle, shopping and drinking too much coffee. I couldn’t avoid appreciating just how festive life seems without exams. 


ImageSince I came back to St Andrews, I’ve been daydreaming about Fenwick’s window display which seems to have gotten even better this year. It’s been a bit of a Christmas tradition of ours for a fair few years now and though it may have lapsed slightly last year, this year’s fairytale theme was pretty amazing. I think I may have been more excited than the children but Jack Frost and Santa Claus in one display definitely makes me feel festive. So much so that I may have gotten very excited about decorating…ImageImageImage

But my recommended fifteen minute study break is over and dreaming about Christmas has to be put on hold for one more day…

Until then,

Kelly x



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