One more sleep.


It’s official. I’ve finished work, mum’s baked mince pies and now there is only one nights sleep between me and Christmas. Excitement would be an understatement. Which is probably why I have been listening to this on repeat.


Tonight, I got a Christmas Eve present which may just be the cutest thing ever. (Thanks mom and dad). Inside was some hot chocolate, some extremely cosy new pyjamas and my favourite Christmas film on DVD. I love The Muppets Christmas Carol and have done since I was a wee Bairn. I think everyone has certain films that make them feel festive. My mum lovesThe Polar Express which, though a close second, is always sidelined in favour of Dickens in puppet form when I’m in change of what we will be watching.

Do you have any Christmas traditions?

Merry Christmas!
Kelly x


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