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Given my tendency to have to think things through, it might not be surprising that my New Year’s Resolutions aren’t normally decided until the middle of January at the very earliest. If I pick something without much thought, I drop it. If it has any chance of lasting the first week, I need to mean it. 

Which is also why I try not to be too specific. I’m finally starting to learn that not everything is in my control and that circumstance loves nothing more than to derail even the most thought out of my plans. 

Last year, I decided to focus on doing things that made me happy and I think I just about managed it, even though it wasn’t always easy. I made some difficult decisions regarding friendships and made a few choices that people weren’t expecting but things turned out ok. But this year is about stepping outside of the comfort zone I built. My aim for 2014 is to try new things. I have a tendency to stick to my habits, at the expense of new opportunities and that is something I am ready to change. 

My resolution for 2013 taught me that I can’t predict what will happen but I am definitely excited for what is to come, even if some of these new things end up being little more than stories I tell my friends in true “can you remember that one time?” style. 

I’m ready for you 2014. 

Kelly x


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