I wasn’t entirely sure what to label this as my first instinct was “Things to Eat” and we didn’t really consume much actual food. Though my Banoffee cocktail certainly tasted as delicious as its solid counterpart… But more on that later.


When we realised Hildy would be coming to town for such a short time we knew there was only one thing for it: cocktails and catch up. And if you want really good cocktails in Darlington, you really should be heading to Prego. It is one of my favourite places to go and luckily not too expensive. Which if you are like me and trying to ignore your dangerously diminished bank account, is perfect.

ImageThey have a fairly extensive cocktail list, ranging from the classics to some slightly more inventive ones. If you have a sweet tooth, try the Banoffee (the delectable offering above). It is pretty amazing. ImageWe had plans of going somewhere else after Prego but  found ourselves settling in for the long haul when we spotted the Prosecco on offer. It is quite easy to spend a few hours catching up and not noticing where the time has gone. The staff are friendly, its not to big that you can’t have a conversation and they have fairy lights, which is always a winner in my books. 

What’s not to like?

Kelly x


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