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Something a little bit different for you all today. Now, I spend a lot of time reading blogs and have done for a while (even back when my internet home was Misadventures – anyone remember that?!). If you look at my bloglovin feed , you’ll see that there is a fair few links that are my bedtime reading (493 to be exact!). That may seem like a lot but this number tends to fluctuate as there has been a bit of an influx over the holidays. I prefer to follow a blog for a while to see if I make up my mind about whether or not they’ll have a permanent home. At the moment I’m hunting out some good literature blogs but have yet to find one I really love. If you know of one, send me the link please!

But for now, here are some of absolute favourites:

(1) A Beautiful Mess.
I think A Beautiful Mess was one of the first blogs I ever came across and definitely inspired me to claim my own little piece of the internet. Run by sisters Emma and Elsie, A Beautiful Mess is full of DIY’s, Recipes and some pretty darn beautiful clothes.

(2) Jazzabelle’s Diary.
I am completely in awe of Jazmine’s ability to discover charity shop gems. I love a bit of thrifty shopping but my wardrobe is nowhere near as impressive as hers. Maybe one day…

Another London based style inspiration. Carrie has a pretty enviable collection of 60s looks in her archives that makes my vintage-loving self exceptionally jealous. I think I may have seen her once in the Camden area but was way too nervous to say hello and tell her how much I loved her blog!

(4) Sidewalk Ready.
Reading Kayley’s blog is a delight. Not only are her hair tutorials super inspiring (but filed under if-only-i-had-any-skill-with-hair) and her style enviable, she also posts a lot of poetry and literature related musings that I can’t resist.

(5) Travel Notes.
I’m lucky enough to know Cath in person, since she is a family friend and my one-time french tutor. Her blog makes me want to back my bags and explore Europe and all its hidden treasures. Anyone fancy taking me on holiday?

Travel Notes is an extension of her primary blog, both of which make for a delightful read.

(6) The Londoner.
The Londoner is one of the newest additions to my feed but has swiftly risen to my top ten. Rosie is beautiful, funny and writes beautifully. She also posts a LOT of recipes and restaurant reviews so this site is heaven for you foodies.

(7)Profresh Style.
This might just be the most refreshingly honest corner of the internet I have come across. Christina is funny, sassy and downright inspiring. She blogs about everything with the frankness you’d expect between friends and I love her site for that.

(8) Dearest Deer.
If I could dress like this everyday, I would be very happy. I’m just not quite brave enough just yet. Leopard prints and hats seem a little out of place in Darlington. Dunya’s blog is still new on my follow list but I have a feeling she will be here to stay.

(9) What Olivia Did.
Another British lovely. Like Carrie, Olivia pulls off the 60s style beautifully. Between the two of them, I’m beginning to crave a beehive.

(10) Kendi Everyday.
The style blog of an American business owner, Kendi Everyday is a delight to read. Not only does she have a pretty amazing wardrobe, I love the way she writes. She’s warm and humorous and I love the fact that she admits when things don’t exactly go to plan.

And this blogger?me
I’m heading back to Scotland tomorrow morning so the last few days have been full of shifts at work (to try and make some money for uni), reading Horace and packing. The latter was an absolute nightmare. It’s a shame cardigans are simultaneously so cosy and take up so much room in my case. Plus, its guaranteed that I’ve forgotten something important. I’ll found out exactly what that something is when I get to St Andrews.

Kelly x

P.S all images are from the respective blogs.


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