North of the Wall

That’s right I’m back in Scotland, or as my friends so lovingly refer to it: north of the wall. I think our obsession with Game of Thrones might be showing…

But they’re right. It’s cold up here and I am officially back in big jumpers and as many blankets as humanly possible. Luckily for me, I was appropriately kitted out this time I went to Scotland and have enough thermal socks and layers to last for a long time. Christmas yielded enough to cosy goodies to stop me whingeing for a while so you can thank my family and friends that I’m not complaining yet.

My current view.

My current view.

Teaching officially began yesterday which means that my life finally has a bit of structure again and is getting a bit busier. Not that I am complaining because lectures are surprisingly interesting (for now) and since I managed to get some of my reading gone over Christmas, I don’t have to worry too much about the number of books that are taking up the space on my desk. Even if it took me an embarrassing amount of time to finally finish Oroonoko.

Being the boring student that I am, I am totally ready for a night in. Refreshers and a rather frustrating inability to sleep is making me crave a night in. If I don’t get one soon, I swear I’ll become some coffee-fueled crazy person. Caffeine is probably replacing the blood in my body as I type. Oops.
It’s ok though because I have a pretty new coffee cup. Totally justifiable right?!

Kelly x


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