Five Steps to the Perfect Night in

Sometimes a night of complete and utter laziness is exactly what is needed. And as I mentioned here, coming back to university means my sleep schedule has been up in the air and all I have wanted is a chance to relax and recharge. When Sam had to pop home for the weekend, I thought I would take advantage of the quiet to completely slob out.
photo (1)
Even if I say so myself, I did a pretty good job. I would like to think that I have had enough practice at this to have perfected the formula and since I am such a kind person, I’ll share it with you lot.
(1) You are going to need to be comfortable. Find out your favourite sweats or cosiest pj’s and slob out. Nobody is going to judge you if there’s a hole in your favourite shirt here. Or pretend you’re in a movie and go for those fancy matching sets that are so often lost in my drawers, never to be reunited. Personally, knee high socks and oversized shirts are my go to.
(2) Get out your snacks. I’ll let you decide whether to go sweet or savoury on this one but make sure they’re tasty. If you’re feeling indecisive, steal my roommate’s staple and go for sweet and salty popcorn, a combination I am as of yet undecided on.
(3) Movie or boxset? How late do you want to stay up? Everyone knows you can never just watch one more episode of a good TV series. My first choice is Netflix which has been a lifesaver since I had to leave most of my DVD’s in Darlington when I moved to university.
(4) Curl up under your blanket. Or if it is really cold, a full on quilt. Wrap it tightly around yourself until you resemble a burrito.
(5) Stop thinking about anything vaguely important. Turn off your phone if you have to. Don’t answer the door. Appreciate the resemblance your life has to that of a sloth right now.

What’s your plan for a perfect night in?

Kelly x

P.S I broke my camera so all the pictures from Pinterest, my second favourite place on the internet. Oh apart from the cat, that’s my new favourite item, full stop.

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